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Sea creatures and trees 2017

As a continuation of Under The Sea Elaine has completed some more Seahorses (Caballero Del Mar) and Jellyfish( with the much nicer name of Medusa).She also completed for her exhibition at Hotel Mijas pictures of trees and studies from these.

Portals 2016

After painting many doors in Tottington Elaine decided to do some pictures of doors.

Black and White series 3 2016

Back to her Granmother's lace to produce more Black and White works.

Under The Sea 2016

After a course in Ledbury Elaine came up with these three wonderful pieces of artwork

Poppies 2015 A return to one of Elaine's favourite subjects, poppies
Poppies 2011 pp Elaine's favourite flower is the poppy and that has been the guiding feature behind these pieces of work. Created in November 2010. Exhibited at Wensley Gallery in December 2010. They will be exhibited at Gawthorpe Hall from April until October, 2011.
Flowers 2011 fl After doing the Poppy series Elaine moved onto other flowers. These are real flowers painted and preserved.
Black & White Series 2011 c2010 Some more pictures done in black and white. Includes embroidery, lace, pebbles and shells.
Recent Cards rc Some recent cards shown around Costa Del Sol and Lancashire
Cordoba 2010 fg The patterns of both the Mezquita and the Alcazar were the inspiration for this series of pictures. We have visited Cordoba on a number of occasions and always find something else to see.
Hidden 2010 hc Produced from an interesting course with Bolton Progressive Threads group. I came back so excited I had to produce something from it.
Abstract 2010 ab1 Abstract was produced for an interior designer on the Costa Del Sol in 2010.
Andalusian 2009 a1 Pictures produced late 2009.
Autumn 2009 hd Autumn 2009 produced pictures from different areas.
White Villages 2009/10 wv A number of different images created from the white villages of Andalucia as their starting point.
Celtic 2009 cs4 These works were inspired by a visit to Southern Ireland in the summer of 2008. Surprising realy because it was a cold and wet week.
Meols 2008 ww Inspiration for this series was a sunset on the beach at Meols on the Wirral in 2005.
Riviera 2007 riv In 2006 Elaine exhibited these pictures at Castle Park, Frodsham for "TXT". It was inspired by a sea view in Spain at a wonderful restaurant in Riviera, Costa Del Sol called Max Beach.
Atalayas 2006 shell This series of pictures was created for exhibitions in Birkenhead and Heswall on the Wirral in 2004. It was inspired by a the bark of a tree in the garden of a Las Palmas hotel, Canary Islands.